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Tips & Tricks to Save Cash at Lululemon

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You don't have to wait for a sale to save money when you shop at Lululemon! Luckily, they will always have more inventory than they can sell for regular MSRP. What does that mean? It means there will always be sales on select Lululemon products.

Here's a few effective tips on how to snag deals on Lululemon upscale fitness apparel.

#1 - Stock up on Discounted Gift Cards at Raise*

Start your shopping with an immediate discount! Before you shop, click over to and see what deals are available on Lululemon Discounted Gift Cards. Savings can be anywhere from 3% up to 30% Off the Face Value (ex: $100 Face Value Gift Card for $96.84)! Plus, 1st time Raise Shoppers can save 10% with code "10EXTRA" on purchase of $100 or more (max savings $20)
Cards are delivered digitally, and guaranteed for 1 year, so if you plan to shop the Thursday New Markdowns, purchase a card (at the latest) Wednesday morning to ensure delivery to your email in time to Hit the Sale!

#2 - Shop Thursday Mornings for the New Deals at Lululemon's "We Made Too Much"

For the best Lululemon discounts & size availability, shop online on Thursday mornings!
Every week Lululemon updates their Markdowns in the "We Made Too Much" department online on Thursday between 11am - and Noon ET! The biggest discounts are usually offered on their line of Intimate Apparel. You can find savings up to 65% on Bras, & Panties, but these do go quick, so you absolutely HAVE to shop early Thursday for the best selections in color and sizes. Leggings are by far the hottest commodity for Lululemon, discounts normally range from 20% up to 30%. Combine any of these sales with your Sweat Collective discount and enjoy bigger savings.

#3 - Join the Sweat Collective for generous 25% Off Discounts

The Lululemon Sweat Collective offers a generous 25% discount on regular and sale priced merchandise. The Collective is for fitness professionals and instructors, including Personal Trainers, Run Club Leaders, Group, Studio or Private Instructors of Adult Participants, Studio Owners & Managers and Athletes, a generous 25% discount on regular and sale priced merchandise.

#4 - Military & 1st Responders Discount

COVID UPDATE: We appreciate that you're eager to get some gear to support your in-home or outdoor workouts. While this discount is not available online, you're welcome to place an order, and then bring your receipt in-store to get your discount once our doors are open again. Just bring in proof of purchase, for example the order slip included in your package.

#5 - When your local store is out of your size

You found the perfect leggings, but your local store doesn't have your size - Take a pic of the item & item # and go to and do a search, when you find your item select "Check All Store Inventory". Find a store with your size in stock call them and request they do a "send sale order". The store will ship it to you free at the marked-down sale price.

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