MarysCoupons: Top Toys Christmas 2019

Top Christmas Toys for 2019

The Smart Christmas Shopper knows that, in order to get THE, most wanted Christmas Gifts, there is not time like the present (no pun intended) to start shopping for those Kid must-haves on their list. The list was compiled based on the interest & interaction of children at this years Manufacturers Toy Faire. So, without further ado, here's our list for the Top Must-Have Christmas Toys for 2019! (in no particular order)

#1 Skyrocket - Blume Doll

A little bit of water reveals a whole lot of magic in the outrageous world of Blume! Anything but ordinary, Blume dolls come hidden inside flower pots just waiting to be discovered they need is you! Best of all, who you grow and what's inside is a total surprise! Each Blume doll features unique, over-the-top hairstyles and outfits that can be interchanged with other dolls.

Ages 3 and Up
Blume Dolls Available at:
Walmart   $9.88
ToyWiz    $10.99
Begum9   $16.99
Smyths Toys   £9.99 + Free Delivery on orders over £20

#2 Fisher-Price Linkimals - Smooth Move Sloth

The Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth gets your baby moving and learning with exciting lights, music, songs, and groovy dance moves. Press the buttons on the sloth's feet to hear all about numbers, colours and more, as the sloth claps its hands and bobs its head. Plus, when Smooth Moves Sloth recognizes other Linkimals friends, they create a synchronized music and light show!

Ages 9 months and older
Linkimals Smooth Move Sloth Available at:
Smyths Toys   £34.99      $29.99
JC Penney      $29.99
buybuy Baby  $29.99  $26.99     $29.99

#3 PlayMonster - OranguTwang Game

Orangutwang is a fun, suspenseful and wild game! Take turns hanging fruit and jungle friends on the Orangutan, but watch out! At some point, he'll be holding too much and he'll spring up and send the fruit and friends flying! For 2 or more players.

Ages 4 and Up
OranguTwang Available at:
Fat Brain Toys    $22.95
Barnes & Noble  $19.99          $19.99      $18.99
AreYouGame    $22.99
Smyths Toys UK    £19.99

#4 Artie 3000™ - The Drawing & Coding Robot

Easy to learn, Artie 3000 is STEM-powered learning at its best. While kids are having fun watching this robot draw, they're enhancing cognitive development and creative engagement - as well as learning the practical skill of coding.

Ages 7 and Up
Artie 3000™ Available at:

HearthSong        $79.98
Fat Brain Toys    $69.99
Abt Electronics   $69.00
Nest Learning      $62.99            $69.99
Walmart - Kaplan Learning    $69.99

#5 HASBRO® Cubby - The Curious Bear Interactive Plus Toy

Cubby is a curious young cub, and is eager to be picked up and held (he hugs you back!), play peek-a-boo, and even dance from time to time. Includes pet, 3-in-1 accessory, and instructions Cubby, is a dream companion for kids ages 4 and up - one who'll excitedly take part in all their adventures, and snuggle next to them at the end of day.

Ages 4 and Up
Cubby is Available at:
EntertainmentEarth        $99.99                 $97.00
Walmart - Hasbro Toy Shop     $99.99           $99.99        $99.99
Smyth Toys UK   £69.99
The Entertainer     £79.99

#6 Toy Story 4 - Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

This Space Ranger has a lot to boast about as Buzz Lightyear comes to life as this walking talking action figure. His multiple animatronic features include light-up functions, walking backwards, plus special steps from Toy Story 4.

Ages 4 and Up
Buzz is Available at:
ShopDisney     $34.95
DeepDiscount  $34.23  $29.95            $34.99
Walmart - ToyWiz    $39.99
Walmart - Begum9   $48.99

#7 WowWee Lucky Fortune - Fortune Cookies

The future looks sweet with the all-new Lucky Fortune collectible bracelets! Crack open your fortune cookie to see what the future has in store for you! Every plastic fortune cookie includes a surprise bracelet with a charm, and a paper fortune for good luck

Ages 6 and Up
Lucky Fortune is Available at:

Claires      $6.99 per pack
Walmart    4 Pack Takeout $10.99
Walmart - JungleTrade  4 Pack Takeout $18.29

#8 Spinmaster - Candylocks Surprise Collectible Scented Doll

These sweet-smelling collectible dolls have hair so soft it looks just like cotton candy! With 15 inches of colorful candy-inspired hair wrapped around them it’s a surprise who you’ll uncover! Style and accessorize their hair any way you want! There are over 20 Candylocks dolls to collect (including one ultra-rare!), each with a delicious scent, yummy name, and super cute accessories.

Ages 5 and Up
Candylocks is Available at:

Walmart   Single Pack $9.97 | Double Pack $17.97
Amazon CA   Priced from CDN $14.99 + Free Shipping for PRIME Members

#9 Fisher-Price - Code N learn Kinderbot

With the Fisher-Price® Code 'n Learn Kinderbot™, preschoolers enter different codes to control their robot friend's movements. This interactive learning toy comes to life with lights and phrases, offering coding challenges that teach about early math concepts, colors, shapes, and more. There are three ways to play, a cool secret code book, and four machine accessories to expand the play for your junior engineer!

Ages 3 and Up
Code N Learn Kinderbot is Available at:

Barnes & Noble   $59.99   $59.97

#10 Mattel - Pictionary Air

Now you can play Pictionary without any paper with the Pictionary Air Game from Mattel. Designed for ages 8 years and older, draw in the air and see it on screen in this exciting take on the quick-draw classic. Just download the Pictionary Air app to your smart phone or tablet and point the in-app camera at the illustrator and they'll appear, along with their sketch, on the screen of your smart device. Cast to your TV for even bigger laughs!

Ages 8 and Up
Pictionary Air is Available at:   $17.99   $24.99
DeepDiscount   $22.60   $16.88   $19.99
FunToyMall   $23.41

#11 LeapFrog - Smart Sizzlin' BBQ

Keep learning on the menu with the Smart Sizzlin BBQ Grill! Little grill masters can pretend to grill by securely placing eight different play food items on the interactive skewer. This smart grill recognizes the foods name and color. Twist the skewer to count along with the grill, then turn the temperature dial from 1 to 10. Hear the sizzling and cooking sounds! The grill knows if the heat is too high and asks to have the dial turned to a lower number. Safety messages are included!

Ages 2 and Up
Smart Sizzlin' BBQ is Available at:
Bed Bath & Beyond   $39.99
buybuy BABY   $39.99   $35.99   $39.99

#12 Spinmaster: Off the Hook Style Studio

Meet Naia-one of the oh-so-glam mannequin girls with fashions that are off the hook! Your Style Doll's hairstyle, top, bottom and shoes come apart and easily hook back together so you can customize her from head to toe. Naia's ready for a brand-new look styled by you! Step into her fashion-packed Style Studio that comes with six fashions and six accessories to create 100+ cool-girl looks!

Ages 5 and Up
Off the Hook Style Studio is Available at:

Walmart   Was $19.99 Sale $9.94
Fruugo US   $29.96

#13 Dreamworks: Hatching Dragon

One of the Best Toys of 2019 These cute little dragons are cute, but don't get confused because unlike your Hatchimals of yesteryear, these won't hatch with love and caring hands. Oh, now. Your kiddos are going to need to aggravate the life out of the egg (thankfully they can focus on that instead of aggravating you for a change). Once they've messed with the egg enough, Toothless will come to life and emerge from that prison egg that he's lived in, showing off his light-up mouth and moving wings.

Ages 5 and Up
Hatching Toothless Dragon is Available at:

Best Buy   $49.99
Walmart   $48.88
Kohls   $53.99
Barnes & Noble   $59.99

#14 Moose Toys: Treasure X Aliens

Recover a missing explorer in this Treasure X Aliens play set. Dissecting tools let ages 5 and up open the alien's slime#45;filled belly, revealing a collectible treasure hunter figure, weapon and mystery gem for a fun discovery experience. This Treasure X Aliens play set includes a storage container for keeping the green slime after playtime.

Ages 5 and Up
Treasure X Aliens are Available at:

Walmart   $12.93
Best Buy   $14.99
Kohls   $13.49
Smyth's Toys   £14.99

#15 PAI Technology: Botzees

Botzees is a new coding robotics kit for kids ages 4 and up, that combines creativity, construction, and coding. Kids can program and code 6 different pre-designed Botzees or create their own! Botzees can be taught to move, drum, dance, make sounds, and light up using the free app. 130 uniquely shaped, easy-to-grip blocks with rounded edges will inspire kids' imagination with tactile, tangible hands-on learning. And then the 30 interactive Augmented Reality puzzles teach even more coding concepts with visual cues.

Ages 4 and Up
Botzees are Available at:

Walmart   $89.99