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Whether you're a legal or business compliance professional, librarian, professor, or student-we're your single source for specialized information, practical solutions, and subject matter expertise. Rely on us for the latest developments and in-depth legal analysis across practice areas most relevant to you.

Comply Track™

Manage Healthcare Risk & Drive Compliance

ComplyTrack enables you to customize your compliance-tracking system to match your organization's structure. This powerful, scalable, and secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform provides the visibility, controls, and workflow tools needed to manage complex healthcare GRC programs. Quick to implement, always on, and available on any device, ComplyTrack ensures every employee can instantly report issues, answer investigations, surveys, or audits, and obtain on-the-spot education or reference. Built with Healthcare-Level Security, ComplyTrack is SOC2 compliant, enables you to define your own password security requirements and set cross-departmental security at the enterprise level, control user access to on-screen data based on permissions, and know HIPAA security is addressed throughout the solution.

Transactional Law Suite™

Streamline Your Securities Law Workflow
•  M&A Clause Analytics, a comprehensive database of acquisition and ancillary agreements, analyzes and compares M&A agreements and related documents against an AI generated statistical Market Standard, providing vital insights and guidance for drafting, benchmarking, and negotiating better clauses and more complete agreements.
•  RBsource | RBsourceFilings - Now with RegReview, a comprehensive SEC research and workflow tool that intelligently integrates the key content you need to boost productivity and ensure better legal practice.
•  Clarion, a due diligence and client advisement tool that provides attorneys with instant access to critical business information..

Maintaining Compliance

Business Compliance and Corporate Counsel Professionals

As corporate counsel, third-party administrator, human resources, benefits, or payroll professional, you need to know how new regulations affect you and how you can address them immediately. Our tools and expert analysis help you troubleshoot and ensure compliance-providing the information you need to further inform your decision. We're your strategic partners. And we're rightly positioned to help you navigate the complex regulatory, compliance, and legal issues facing today's businesses.


Round Table discussions of the regulations, laws, and practices that affect you, your business and your clients.

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